Birthdance Midwifery


Birthdance Midwifery and its long line of homebirth midwives have been serving women and families in Chico and the surrounding areas since the early 1980’s.

Paula Emigh, LM had the honor of becoming  part of this midwifery lineage in 1996, when she became a student midwife. Her desire to become a midwife was sparked after the unassisted home birth of her son in 1992. She completing 6 years of training with an LM then began practicing as a primary midwife without a license in 2002; followed by a 3 month internship at a birth center in Texas in 2003. In 2008 she become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) then in 2010 she completed the National Midwifery Institute’s challenge program for California midwifery licensure. Along with midwifery Paula has studied western herbalism and completed her first herbal course in 1995 becoming a certified professional herbalist. This is an integral part of her midwifery practice as well as her personal life and she has continues to explore botanical medicine through academia, wildcrafting and medicine making. She is currently enrolled in a herbal course with an emphasis on women’s health through Dr. Aviva Romm.  Paula has been involved in midwifery for 22 years, has had her own practice for 16 years and continue to offer her midwifery services to families in Chico and the surrounding area.

Birthdance Midwifery also welcomes Sorrell Bobrink, assistant  midwife and Certified Birth Doula, into this amazing tradition of midwives in Chico. Sorrell Bobrink fell into birth work soon after her son was born in 2001. Receiving training in both lactation support and childbirth education, she taught her first childbirth education classes in her hometown, Quincy CA, at the local hospital from 2004-05. In 2010 she received training to become a birth Doula and in 2012 joined Paula Emigh, LM as her homebirth midwife assistant and student midwife. She was one of the founders of a local Doula collective and also works privately as a birth Doula for hospital births as well as homebirth and also does placenta encapsulation. Sorrell’s main objective in her birth work is to protect every families autonomy in regards to their choices for prenatal care, place of labor and birth and postpartum support.