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“Paula and Sorrell were the best birth team. They gave my husband space to support me through labor, while also staying on top of intermittent monitoring. They supported my choices and gave me options to consider with each area of pregnancy care and labor care. I trusted them fully, and they helped me have the confidence I needed to be successful in my VBAC. Each prenatal visit had the opportunity to run long if needed, sometimes we would spend an hour talking. We shared a lot of laughter in our time together. So by the time labor came, I felt comfortable with them caring for me. It was like having good friends there to help with birth. I am so glad I chose them to help me bring my third baby into the world.”- Jaimie Mills


“Our experience with Paula and Sorrell from Birthdance Midwifery was nothing short of extraordinary. They were thorough and attentive at each meeting. They helped prepare us mentally, emotionally, and physically for our home birth. Their holistic approach made it possible for me to have the birth I always imagined and I knew my body could provide. We really can’t thank them enough for the best experience of our lives!”– Marion & Matt Swank


“Birthdance Midwifery provided the information and support I needed to make empowered decisions about my body and baby throughout pregnancy, during labor, and in the postpartum period. Pre-natal visits felt more like an extension of my own self-care than a medical appointment. I received professional, personal, compassionate care. Thank you Paula Emigh & Sorrell Bobrink for being my graceful guides as I transitioned from woman into mother.”- Ursula Schaefer